AMA Phoenix names Star Member: Mitch Glasser

Mitch Glasser

Mitch Glasser

Mitch Glasser, president of Glasser Research, Inc., was named Star Member of American Marketing Association, Phoenix Chapter, for August 2013.

Glasser said he often recommends to his colleagues and business clients people with various marketing disciplines who he has met through AMA Phoenix Chapter.

“I greatly value my participation in AMA Phoenix and interacting with its members,” he said.

Glasser has headed up Glasser Research, a full-service research and strategy consulting business in Scottsdale, Ariz., since 2003. Glasser Research helps its clients identify compelling and profitable products and services for its customers, and develop strategies for introducing them to the market, according to Glasser.

By using customer-driven market understanding, we significantly lower their risk of market ambivalence by focusing on profitable need-to-have and unprofitable nice-to-have offerings, he said.

“We assist them in understanding what their customers most value so they can focus their resources and activities on those things that matterthe things for which those customers will pay. Our work helps direct a client’s product development, marketing, customer support and sales efforts at lucrative segments of their markets, avoiding products that lack key benefits for prospective customers.”

The company’s expertise spans from one-on-one in-depth interviews and focus groups, to large quantitative studies using sophisticated sampling techniques and multivariate analysis methods.

In addition to his 18 years in market research, Glasser spent seven years in engineering, eight years in market management and two years in sales. In these latter assignments he gained a user’s insight into designing research that maximizes its value for strategic and tactical planning, and makes significant contributions to the selling process.

Glasser has earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering, a master’s degree in statistics, and has had advanced training in qualitative and quantitative market research, pricing, economics, marketing and product management.

His industry experience includes telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, industrial goods, financial services, e-learning and consumer products.

Compiled by Matt Kalina | V.P. of Social Media | AMA Phoenix | @MattKalina |
Updated 08.20.13
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