How Important is Your Website For A New Business?

websiteWhen starting a new business, there are many things you need and areas to focus on. Perhaps the most important thing to not neglect is your website.

In this post from Anna Brice, incoming AMA PHX President and  Principal at Pinnacle Peak Marketing, read about why having a professional website is crucial to your business. Your website is the first encounter your future customers will have with your business. Brice shares “People need to learn about you. It’s as simple as that.” Read more here.

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AMA PHX April Star Member: Monica Farrell

mfarrellCongratulations to Monica Farrell, AMA Phoenix’s April Star Member of the Month!

Farrell is Director of Sales at Alliance Airport Advertising. In this role she oversees advertising at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, including a currently in progress advertising remodel. Farrell’s efforts have brought to Sky Harbor new thin, brushed aluminum backlit LED signs, fewer advertising locations (yet larger sizes to enable messaging message to stand out), digital components at each baggage claim carousel, new concourse digital locations, banners on moving walkways and more.

Farrell has held previous positions with Clear Channel Airports, Republic Direct, Global Database Marketing and Constant Contact.

On being named AMA Star Member of the Month, Farrell shares: “Completely unexpected and I’m appreciative of the recognition. Serving on the board has been a positive experience and I’ve met so many great people and speakers at our events. Thank you Phoenix AMA!”

Connect with Monica Farrell.

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The Real Value of Facebook “Likes”

fblikeFacebook advertising and its effectiveness is broken down in this blog post from Defero’s Hailey Crider. How worthy are those acquired “Likes” and do they add value to your brand page? Read more about how Facebook advertising can be effective via specific targeting to build an engaged community.

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Does Your Marketing Proactively Answer to Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)

computercartMarketing has changed a lot. We all know this. Over the years, the control has gone from the marketer (which can be the actual marketers, companies or agencies the companies work with) to the consumer. And what I mean by the word “control” is the fact that marketing previously was the collateral/information the company released and wanted to release when a product was launched, or when you requested information directly from them.

Today, it is exactly opposite of the way we previously marketed our products and companies. Again, we all know this based on the way we, ourselves, shop and make our purchase decisions. Think about what you do when you are buying anything, going to a restaurant, hiring someone (individual or a vendor company) or engaging a company to perform a service.

The internet plus technology plus mobile devices have changed the way we shop and the way we receive information. It has changed how quickly we want the information. It has even changed the way we want to receive our information. When I say shop, it can be for consumer products and services as well B2B products and services. The research we now do is immediate, often and you don’t have to be at home or at your office to be doing the research. You can be in your car, in a store or anytime your mobile device is with you. Your computer does not have to be on, because you also have a tablet.

This is why it is so important your marketing proactively answers to Zero Moment of Truth. The key word here is proactively. If you are responding to a request for information, you are likely already late…or later than your competitors.

The key change in the decision-making process is the added level of research done before you even know someone is in the market for your product or service, consumer or B2B. These are the ways they are doing their research:

•    Online search
•    Peer reviews
•    Videos
•    Reach out to your network

Notice in this list, there is no mention of reaching out to the company of interest! There are still so many companies that just don’t “get” this. But seriously…it’s true!

Being proactive in answering to ZMOT is hard. It requires a great deal of effort. But it is truly the way we all need to be thinking. To give you an idea of things you should be doing to answer to ZMOT, here are some suggestions:

•    Blogging
•    Social media
•    Your website
•    White papers
•    Online/Electronic brochures, flyers, spec sheets
•    Publication articles
•    Online listings (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp)
•    Press releases
•    Videos
•    Images
•    FAQs
•    Infographics
•    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
•    Guest Blogging
•    Training/How-To videos or written pieces
•    Testimonials

The key, common factors here for all these items listed above are these 2 things –

1) Does it answer the questions people are asking?
2) Content, content, content – you must be creating content and lots of it!

So…really give this a proper amount of thought. Does your marketing plan (if you have one) include initiatives that answer the questions people are asking…people you don’t even know yet or know they need your product or service?

If not…time to start now!

Here are some good resources which you may find helpful.

ZMOT: Zero Moment of Truth by Douglas Karr Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)

Online Business Listings:
The Ultimate List: 50 Local Business Directories

Our guest blog post was written by AMA Member:

Anna Brice, Incoming AMA PHX President and  Principal at Pinnacle Peak Marketing

Read more at:

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The Difference between Real-Time and Non-Stop


In this insightful blog post by Defero’s John Marzolph, the difference between real-time, engaging marketing efforts and under-strategized interjection is clear. Bottom line, no matter what medium, strategy is king. 

The Difference between Real-Time and Non-Stop


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Sharman Named AMA PHX March Star Member

asharmanCongratulations, Amy Sharman!

Amy Sharman is AMA Phoenix’s Star Member of the Month for March. Sharman is Director of Marketing and Communications at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM)). In this role, Sharman oversees marketing initiatives to draw new students to SCNM’s 4-year medical degree program, increase the number of new patients for the SCNM Medical Center on campus, and drive awareness for naturopathic medicine.

Sharman’s specialties include: strategic planning, creative concept design, internal and external communications, event marketing, media relations, branding, copywriting and editing, and media buying.

Sharman has held positions with Virgo Publishing, Rio Salado College, and Pro Specialties Group. She is a graduate of Arizona State University.

On being named AMA Phoenix Star Member of the Month, Sharman shares “Being recognized by the AMA is such a great honor! With so many talented marketing professionals in this group, it’s a privilege to call them my colleagues.”

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3 Marketing Lessons from The Lego Movie

Have you seen The Lego Movie yet? If not, I suggest you check it out. Now in its third week at the top of the box office, The Lego Movie is described as “a movie adults will like too,” so it’s ok to see and share that you did. From someone who has seen The Lego Movie, here are 3 Marketing Lessons to take away from the film (whether or not you’ve seen it yet):

1) Keep it Simple. The Lego Movie. That’s it. Missing from the title is: the colon and extended title. This is especially important for online marketing. Keep your headings short, simple, and to the point. Readers can quickly grasp your message and share, and you’ll stand a better chance of ranking relevantly for SEO purposes.

2) Content should be awesome. Listen to The Lego Movie’s catchy theme song “Everything is Awesome” just once and you’ll be singing along.  Even though the film is one giant Lego commercial, audiences are OK with this. Why? With funny jokes throughout for adults and kids, and an endearing storyline, the Lego Movie is entertaining. Produce messaging and content that’s interesting for the strongest chance of connecting with your audience.

3) Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. The Lego Movie shows us that working together is a good thing. Collaborate in your marketing efforts to generate ideas and expand capabilities. And as an AMA Phoenix member, be sure to make the most of the resources available as well.

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Register Now For These Upcoming Events

Register now to secure your space at these upcoming events:

AMA PHX SIG Event: Lessons You Can Really Use From A Media And Entertainment Powerhouse, Clear Channel.
February 13
Flemings, Scottsdale
For more information and to register:

PHX Signature Lunch: Discover Five Steps to Modernize B-to-B Marketing with Carrie Sinclair, Honeywell Aerospace.
February 26
Check back soon for location details.
For more information:

AMA Phoenix Spectrum Awards
May 14
Musical Instrument Museum
The Spectrum Awards are Phoenix’s largest marketing awards program. Enter your marketing campaigns in AMA Phoenix Spectrum Awards here.
For more information:

Digital Summit Phoenix
March 31 – April 1
Phoenix Convention Center
Over 75 speakers from leading brands provide you the latest digital marketing and business strategies and best practices. AMA Phoenix members, use promo code AMAPHX for $50 off.
For more information:

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AMA Members Save On Digital Phoenix Registration

dsphxDigital Summit Phoenix is March 31 – April 1 at the Phoenix Convention Center. This two day event will feature over 75 speakers from leading brands providing the latest digital marketing and business strategies and best practices. Content areas include: content strategy, usability/design, mobile marketing, customer engagement, social media, e-commerce, email, search, marketing automation, analytics & data, video & multi-screen experience and more.

AMA Phoenix members, save 50% off registration by using promo code: AMAPHX

Learn more about Digital Summit Phoenix.

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February Star Member: Shailesh Ghimire

ShaileshAMA Phoenix is proud to recognize Shailesh Ghimire as February Star Member of the Month. Currently the Director of Data for LaneTerralever, Shailesh has had his finger on the pulse of digital marketing and social media since before it was cool. Shailesh works with clients on strategies including web development, SEO/SEM, social media, affiliate marketing and mobile marketing, just to name a few.

Prior to joining LaneTerralever in 2010, Shailesh was the Director of Interactive Marketing at AIR Marketing. He has also worked in the mortgage industry, designing online and offline awareness and lead generation strategies. His highly innovative approach, coupled with his technical background have helped grow his clients’ business and earned him praise among his marketing peers.

As Shailesh says, “the future of marketing rests on data analytics and that is my sweet spot.”

Connect with Shailesh

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