AMA PHX April Star Member: Monica Farrell

mfarrellCongratulations to Monica Farrell, AMA Phoenix’s April Star Member of the Month!

Farrell is Director of Sales at Alliance Airport Advertising. In this role she oversees advertising at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, including a currently in progress advertising remodel. Farrell’s efforts have brought to Sky Harbor new thin, brushed aluminum backlit LED signs, fewer advertising locations (yet larger sizes to enable messaging message to stand out), digital components at each baggage claim carousel, new concourse digital locations, banners on moving walkways and more.

Farrell has held previous positions with Clear Channel Airports, Republic Direct, Global Database Marketing and Constant Contact.

On being named AMA Star Member of the Month, Farrell shares: “Completely unexpected and I’m appreciative of the recognition. Serving on the board has been a positive experience and I’ve met so many great people and speakers at our events. Thank you Phoenix AMA!”

Connect with Monica Farrell.

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