Real-time marketing: another “quick-serve digital ad”, or an insightful way for a brand to drive engagement?

now A perfect (and timely) example of real-time marketing is the “dunk in the dark heard ‘round the world” Oreo tweet. It was clever and certainly timely but did it increase engagement? Create a connection between the brand and the consumer? Grow sales of this staple cookie?

We’ve all heard the adage, “…the right message, to the right target, at the right time.” Before social media, and real-time marketing, that often proved to be a tricky trifecta. Now, brands can use all sorts of data points, distribution channels and actual insights to make the triple play. The question is, how is it most valuable?

Social media is about engagement. It was impressive that Oreo was so on top of it; that tweet was retweeted 15,865 times and generated a huge buzz! But then what? When real-time marketing is part of an overall marketing strategy, it’s worthwhile to think not only about the tactic, but also engagement, success metrics, brand equity, and call to action. Real-time marketing can be a highly effective marketing tool when it’s supported by a strong strategy.

We’ll see if the power goes out again this February 2nd….

Compiled by Julie Cielinski | AMA
Updated 01.13.14
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